Nike Celebrates LeBron James's Back-to-back Championships


Nike Celebrates LeBron James's Back-to-back Championships

June 20, 2013

Nike Celebrates LeBron James's Back-to-back Championships

New TV spot and championship product pack salute James’s pursuit of greatness and a season well played.
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Nike launches a new campaign to honor LeBron James’s second straight championship. After clinching tonight’s Game 7 victory, James helped lead Miami to become only the fourth team in the League to win back-to-back titles.

The new Nike Basketball campaign “Leave a Message” debuted immediately following Miami’s victory on digital and social media channels. It acknowledges James’s quest for greatness, told via voice messages from basketball luminaries and influential figures for James, including, Spike Lee, Warren Buffet, Dr. Dre, Coach K, Phil Knight, Drake, Bill Russell and kids from The LeBron James Family Foundation. Fans can call the phone number at the end of the spot to leave a personal message for James. 

Nike Basketball also pays tribute to James’s leadership and perseverance with a limited-edition championship pack, including, the LEBRON X PS ELITE, the LEBRON X LOW, two hats and a T-shirt.

Worn by James in Game 1 of the 2013 Finals, the LEBRON X PS ELITE has a red upper skin with a gloss geometric palm-leaf graphic inspired by Miami’s signature Art Deco architecture and native plant life. The shoes sock-liners are imprinted with “2-time champion” on the left and the seasons “11-12, 12-13” on the right.

The LEBRON X LOW sports an upper skin with a unique floral palm splatter print showcasing birds of paradise and palm trees. The upper is finished with a black matte skin with gloss chromaflair palm print graphic from toe to midsole and a glow-in-the-dark outsole. It also has imprinted “2-time champion” and “11-12, 12-13” sock-liners to celebrate James’s championship.

The two shoes and hats will be sold in a pack and will be available in very limited quantities in North America and China. The championship “Witness 2” T-shirt is available to pre-order on and will hit stores globally early next week. 


在勒布朗·詹姆斯卫冕总冠军之后,耐克篮球即在数字媒体和社交平台上启动“Leave a Message”活动。短片中,包括斯派克·李(美国著名导演)、巴菲特(全球知名的投资商)、Dr. Dre(美国说唱界的元老级人物)、老K教练(美国著名篮球教练)、菲尔·奈特(耐克创始人)、德雷克(欧美乐坛当红说唱歌手)、比尔·拉塞尔(美国传奇篮球球星)在内的球坛名宿和对詹姆斯具有影响力的名人,以及勒布朗·詹姆斯基金会的孩子们都一一通过语音留言对詹姆斯的不懈追求表达了敬意。此外,詹姆斯的粉丝们还可通过拨打短片最后的号码给偶像留言。

耐克篮球通过推出限量版冠军套装向詹姆斯的高超领导力和百折不挠的体育精神表达了最崇高的敬意,套装包括LEBRON X PS ELITE和LEBRON X LOW篮球鞋、两顶帽子和一件T恤。

LEBRON X PS ELITE作为詹姆斯在总决赛中首场比赛的战靴,采用了红色鞋面设计,印有极具光泽的几何棕榈叶图案,其灵感来自于迈阿密的标志性装饰艺术建筑和当地植物。左脚鞋垫上印有“2-time champion”(两届总冠军)字样,而“11-12,12-13”赛季的字样印于右脚鞋垫。

LEBRON X LOW采用独特的棕榈叶图案,打造飞溅于鞋面的独特效果,展示现出“天堂之鸟”和“棕榈树”的意境。鞋身由黑色材质与极具光泽的棕榈印花图案相交而成并采用荧光外底。此外,该款球鞋鞋垫上同样印有“2-time champion”(两届总冠军)以及 “11-12,12-13”赛季的字样,以庆祝詹姆斯夺冠。

 以上两款篮球鞋将与帽子一同采用套装形式在美国和中国市场限量发售。纪念版冠军T恤“Witness 2” 已于NIKE Store网上商城进行预售,并将在近日全面上市。