Artists and Coaches show creative ways to rack up NIkeFuel


Artists and Coaches show creative ways to rack up NIkeFuel

March 14, 2013

Artists and Coaches show creative ways to rack up NIkeFuel

Interactive Game of NikeFuel, digital playing cards and illustrated Life Logged diary show how small daily choices can add up to major NikeFuel points.
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In the year since Nike brought the Nike+ FuelBand to market, wearers have come up with some pretty creative ways to earn NikeFuel and reach their daily goals. Drawing inspiration from athletes everywhere, Nike tapped artists, coaches and other original thinkers to celebrate the breadth of physical activity and serve up new ideas for earning your daily NikeFuel.

The NikeFuel Zine is an interactive experience designed to motivate early adopters and new users to find opportunities to be more active every day. Each installment is also available as a PDF download.

First up is “Object Lesson.” Ever wonder how much NikeFuel you could generate in a batting cage? Or with a ketchup bottle? From cleaning the car? Playing a round golf? Find out by exploring digital playing cards that reveal the NikeFuel potential of things you probably use every day. See how a little extra effort can go a long way toward reaching green and setting a new NikeFuel streak. Download PDF

Next is “The Secret Life of the Nike+ FuelBand,” an illustrated compendium of testimonials Inspired by feedback from Nike+ users. The guide outlines unexpected activities and secret ways of earning NikeFuel. Download PDF

"I'm with the Band" is a graphic novel telling the story of a day in the life of three Nike+ FuelBand wearers, competing with each other across different time zones. Download PDF

"Friends with Benefits" mines insights from Nike+ FuelBand wearers about how they share their achievements. The spectrum ranges from modest self-motivators to mega-broadcasters who shout their wins, losses and excuses in equal measure. You’ve got high-octane duelists and users who are constantly re-jiggering their goals, and then you have Team TM!, who let the world know how well they’re doing. Every. Single. Day. Download PDF

"Life Logged" charts a week in the life of New York illustrator Peter Arkle, whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times and Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Arkle's pictorial diary shows how the Nike+ FuelBand inspired change in his daily routine in his quest to be more active — from walking in circles while his bread toasts to trekking to an out-of-the-way café for lunch. Download PDF

"Up Your Game" takes everyday athletes inside the minds and motivations of top competitors. Elite-level coach and SPARQ performance director Paul Winsper shares insights about choosing the right activity for the right time, beating inactivity inertia and how the Nike+ FuelBand can replicate the goal-setting and drive to perform inherent to professional athletes.Download PDF

"Words up" presents three inspirational posters created by U.K. graphic designer Andy Smith. The sport-themed, download-ready graphics are based on the original Make It Count campaign message that motivated users during the Nike+ FuelBand’s first year. Download ZIP

Nike+ FuelBand in Black & White” celebrates that euphoric moment of hitting your daily goal. A gallery of some favorite goal moments achieved by Nike+ FuelBand wearers over the past year shows the variety of ways users earn NikeFuel, from doing pull-ups to finishing chores to eating lunch.

Ever wondered why some days you reach your goal and other days you don’t? It’s the small choices you make along the way that count. Play the “Game of NIkeFuel” to see how your choices stack up as you try to hit your goal.