Career Areas

Get into the game.

Brand & Consumer Marketing

Consumers make the decisions. At Nike, our job is to know what motivates and inspires them. We put consumers at the center of everything we do whether it’s in Brand Marketing or through Global Communications.

Brand Marketing
As a member of this team, you’ll help communicate one of the most recognized brands in the world. You’ll drive our mission of connecting with consumers through a variety of channels by working with Digital Marketing, Sports Marketing, Event Marketing, Regional Marketing and our Field Reps. Help us tell stories our consumers want to be a part of and always think big.

Global Communications
As a member of our Global Communications team, you’ll be committed to creating deep, credible and authentic connections with consumers, employees and stakeholders through inspiration, innovation and the growth stories of our brands and the Nike, Inc. portfolio throughout the world.

Corporate Functions

Corporate functions keep Nike's business going, from applications engineers to tax managers, Corporate Functions roles offer an attractive and exciting variety of opportunities at Nike, including great jobs in Administrative Support, IT, Child Development, Finance, Facilities, Legal, Human Resources, Program and Process Excellence and Sustainable Business and Innovation.


From footwear and apparel to equipment, Nike excels at designing innovative products for athletes. The art of innovation can be found at the core of everything we do. Our design team works with athletes and consumers to design authentic performance products. They bring stories to life through our Brand Communications, Retail Stores and Events. It’s a job that requires a passion for creativity and aesthetics, an eye for detail and the ability to create designs that help our athletes perform better. Being a designer at Nike means you have access to great resources like rapid prototyping equipment, machine shops, world-class material and design libraries.


If you can grow, think, dream and create, you’re exactly what we need and we want you on the team.  We tell real stories.  We build lasting relationships.  We create world-class experiences and ecosystems.

Digital Sport
We create products and services that are changing the game. And the world. We design experiences you can feel and measure.

Digital Brand
We build ongoing relationships with the consumer—on their terms, to serve their needs.

Digital Commerce
We deliver Premium shopping experiences at the speed of a click, or touch of a screen.

Digital Technology
We develop the technology that powers Nike's digital products and services.

We are in the business of human potential. Ignite yours.

Distribution & Logistics

They are our problem solvers, our supply chain pros. Our Distribution & Logistics teams get our products to the consumers. They are the leaders in logistics technology who are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and lower costs. Sound easy? Try delivering nearly 300 million pieces of footwear, apparel and equipment each year and ensuring our consumers get the right product at the right place at the right time. Game on.

Merchandising & Product Management

If you have an eye for “what’s next”, this could be the job for you. Merchandising & Product Management teams create compelling and innovative products for the upcoming seasons. They build the initial line plan that our designers and developers use from concept to prototype. Seen as the expert on the consumer, the marketplace and the product, they’re responsible for the creative vision of Nike’s future product lines. Learn more about Merchandising Careers at NIKE, Inc.

Product Development

Nike’s Product Creation and Development team are involved in the first stages of creating new products, commercialization and getting them to our consumers. This involves everything from idea generation, materials and construction, materials sourcing, product testing and product confirmation. They work directly with overseas factories to facilitate product samples, testing of color fastness, garment construction, fit, and much more. This team works closely with Product Merchandising and Product Design. Their main goal is to get the best product at the best cost point, and delivered on time.


Every day we’re inspired by our team of Nike engineers. Their innovations are the heart of our business. Their ingenuity is what makes our product outstanding. Leading our team through the development process, Nike engineers specialize in everything from improving our manufacturing processes, to innovation of our Nike Air technology, to creating a more efficient supply chain - to our Nike+ technologies. A variety of career opportunities in engineering include: electrical and mechanical engineering, software/firmware, program management and product architect type roles. In addition, we have engineering opportunities in the fields of Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, CAD Design, and Development to ensure that every new air bag project is created and designed in the best possible way and is efficiently reproduced.


Nike manufactures product all over the world. From Argentina to Vietnam and all countries in between, Nike makes great product. Manufacturing opportunities exist for both for in-country and expat assignments in chemical, industrial, manufacturing, and machine engineering – w have a strong team of machine operators, industrial maintenance technicians, quality assurance specialists and leadership roles for each area.

Retail Corporate

Nike’s Retail Team around the globe is integral to our success. As the main point of contact between Nike and the consumer, they are dedicated to our mission of delivering the most innovative products to athletes around the world. Nike offers opportunities in our stores around the globe as well as in our corporate offices at our World Headquarters near Beaverton, Oregon and other regional offices worldwide. Learn the ins and outs of the direct retail side of the number one sports apparel and footwear company in the world. Roles within Nike’ Corporate Retail team include Planners, Buyers, Allocation Teams, Visual Merchandisers, Loss Prevention and Security Specialists, Consumer Services professionals and Real Estate/Store Development experts.

Retail Stores

Like Nike athletes, our retail team is the face of the brand. Whether you’re a sales associate, a store lead, or a stock associate, if you work in Nike retail, you are a Nike athlete. And as an athlete yourself, you know how to make retail personal. As a natural leader and a motivator, you’re always up for a challenge, right? That’s good, because consumers are counting on you to help them find and select the products and services they need to connect, train and compete. As a Nike Athlete, you will focus on execution, product presentation and service at one of Nike's retail locations around the globe. It's not about transactions, it's about connections. You get to show the consumer what you know—what’s great about the product and why.

Do you love Nike athletes and products? Turn your passion into moments of truth that inspire and strengthen the personal expression and performance of consumers.


From a soccer specialty store in Italy to Macy’s and Footlocker - Nike Sales is the team that partners with retailers to deliver the stories, services and products that make Nike the preeminent sports brand.

It all starts with the best sales team in the business. Nike sales reps excel at understanding consumers, the marketplace, and Nike product.

Working closely with Nike’s marketing, merchandising, and product engine teams and their retail accounts, Nike’s sales reps create winning sales assortments for each season. They focus all of this knowledge on developing sustainable and mutually profitable relationships with Nike’s retail partners. The key to success? Thinking like a retailer by being a true business and profitability consultant.

Sports Marketing

As a member of this team, you’ll work in service of premier athletes around the globe to collect insights on authentic product innovations, build inspirational stories around sport, and steward long-term brand relationships. Sport is where Nike began and where we live every day – this team is at the heart of Nike. This team develops and executes sports marketing strategies worldwide. Team members build relationships with professional sports leagues and athletes and lead the effort for obtaining endorsements and licensing. Team members are Nike ambassadors to the sports community around the world.