Employee Networks

Nike Employee Networks are designed to help Nike move toward greater diversity. In the U.S., six employee networks focus attention on important communities within Nike. The intended role of each network is to foster professional development, enhance work performance, identify mentors, assist in recruiting diverse professionals, develop increased community interaction, and encourage improved teamwork and interaction within and across work groups.

Native American Employee Network

Mission: To increase awareness and continue to educate Nike employees about the Native American culture.

Through educational opportunities, seminars, speakers and community involvement, NAEN continues to increase awareness of Native American values and culture at Nike. By sponsoring sporting events and various youth programs, the group creates visible community support and inspiration for Native cultures. With their help, the North American Native American community will understand Nike is an employer of choice.

Latino Employee Network

Mission: To increase the awareness of the Hispanic/Latino culture at Nike, explore diversity in the Nike workplace, develop resources to increase career and cultural growth for Nike employees, strengthen ties to the Hispanic/Latino community and develop initiatives that align with Nike business strategies.

The Latino Employee Network encourages all Nike employees to experience Hispanic/Latino culture. The group holds monthly network meetings to discuss Hispanic/Latino initiatives and activities, and celebrates Hispanic/Latino cultural events such as Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Friends Employee Network

Mission: To increase awareness and understanding of Nike's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community through the promotion of various educational and supportive events.

Education and understanding can go a long way. Nike's GLBTFEN works to raise awareness and educate Nike employees about the group's collective experience through educational forums, speakers, literary works, as well as other activities and media. They assist in revising existing corporate policies and procedures, and creating new ones to increase awareness and combat discrimination. Their hope is to create partnership opportunities between Nike and the GLBT community, and to build a network and forum for sharing that is fully supportive of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals.

Ability* Network

Mission:  To enrich Nike and our community by promoting the inclusion of people impacted by disabilities and fostering an environment that realizes everyone's full potential.

It's not about our limitations; it's about what each of us can contribute.  The disabled Employees and Friends Network enhances our company-wide awareness of the contributions and potential of people with disabilities.  The group provides information, resources, and education to all Nike employees through a wide variety of partnerships and outreach activities.  They also work to promote opportunities for all employees to contribute as volunteers, support Nike's global diversity and inclusion initiatives, and support managers in developing and promoting a diverse, highly effective workforce.

Nike created the Casey Martin award in 2001 to celebrate athletes with disabilities.

Asia Pacific Employee Network

Mission: To promote awareness and understanding of Asia Pacific cultures in pursuit of corporate objectives and employee growth.

It's a big world. APEN enhances our employees' awareness and understanding of Asia Pacific culture. They work to increase involvement within the Asia Pacific communities, both locally and globally where we do business as well as support Nike's business strategies for the Asia Pacific consumer.

Black Employee and Friends Network (BEN)

Mission: To add value to the Nike business by promoting an environment that attracts, promotes and retains black employees.

Nike's Black Employee & Friends Network (BEN) offers a strong support system for black employees to facilitate a successful transition into Nike's corporate culture.

The network also builds human resources support for identifying and bringing to Nike qualified black candidates. BEN offers resources to help incorporate the cultural nuances of the black consumer market in Nike's global marketing strategies. Ultimately, the BEN enhances cultural awareness for Nike and its black employees.