Nike innovates around the globe.

NIKE, Inc. WORLD HEADQUARTERS, Beaverton, Oregon

NIKE, Inc. WHQ reflects the innovative spirit, values and pride of a global sports company.  It’s more than just a place to work, it’s a comfortable and stimulating environment filled with full-service facilities designed to help you perform better. From leading-edge sports research labs and footwear and apparel design facilities to highly-touted childcare and pre-school centers, Nike campus life reflects the company’s value and interest in its employee’s career growth and balance of work and family.

Nike’s workplace community consists of leaders, visionaries and philanthropists who are passionate for the Nike brand, the products we build, sport, human wellness and vitality.  Located just minutes from downtown Portland, WHQ combines the best of urban and outdoor life – making it the perfect place to both work and play.  NIKE, Inc.’s  200-acre World Headquarters (WHQ) is located near Beaverton, Oregon – a suburb of Portland. So while the Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of Nike, today the company operates in more than 160 countries and six continents around the globe. Bringing together 40,000+ employees worldwide, each make their own contributions to fulfilling Nike’s mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.

*”If you have a body you are an athlete.”

EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS, Hilversum, Netherlands

Nike’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Headquarters is located in Hilversum, just 16 miles southeast of Amsterdam.  With more than 1,400 employees, made up of 68 nationalities, the campus is an international melting pot where critical corporate HQ functions are housed to support over 75 countries across the EMEA region.

The campus also features a fully equipped gym, a running track, basketball and tennis courts, and a football field. An employee store is open to sell NIKE product at a substantial discount, while two restaurants are open daily to serve up healthy food options.

Nike EMEA recruits for both HQ positions in Hilversum and roles in Territory across all functions.

In keeping with Nike’s commitment to sustainability, our EMEA headquarters is an eco-friendly building with a number of special features:

-The roof is shaped to collect rainwater and is used to irrigate the gardens and flush the toilets – saving the company over four million liters of clean water per year.

-The heating and cooling system is revolutionary. In summer, a large water reservoir is heated by the sun and releases its heat over the winter. In reverse, the same reservoir collects the cold in winter to cool the building in summer.

-The tennis and basketball courts are made from recycled training shoes. In a process called 'Nike Grind', Nike used around 4,000 pairs of shoes to make each court.

Nike EMEA recruits for both HQ positions in Hilversum and roles in Territory across all functions.

Greater China/Asia Pacific

Located in downtown Shanghai on Nanjing Xi Lu you’ll find the prestigious Plaza 66 Commercial Towers, where Nike Greater China makes its home. With annual revenue in excess of US $2 billion and ,2000+ staff, China by far is our fastest growing global market and our second-largest single market behind North America.

As the leading sports brand in China, Nike continuously push the limits of innovation and growth. We remain closely focused on bringing the brand closer to consumers, while creating platforms for Chinese athletes to pursue their dreams. The foundation of our success in China is, of course, innovation – innovation drawn from listening to the voice of the Chinese athlete and then applying creative design and technology to meet their needs.

In China, Nike is taking the retail experience to the next level, delivering true personalization and customization at every turn. Continued expansion of our retail network will only build stronger consumer connections that will feature our most innovative products – allowing us to strengthen the Nike brand and enable a truly world-class shopping experience.

Growth is all we’re experiencing in China. Whether it’s across our Running, Training, Sportswear, Tennis, Action Sports Categories; our hardworking employee-teams in Merchandising, Marketing, Sales, Retail; or our Enabling functions, such as Human Resources, IT and Finance – we are on the offense always for both local and global talent.


Nike Japan, with approximately 500 employees in country, places priority on diversity and globalization, while continuing to pursue opportunities to bring about inspiration and innovation through sports.

An affiliate of NIKE, Inc., Nike Japan was established in 1981, and is consistently supported by the Japanese consumer making it the Japan’s leading global sports brand. Many examples highlight our Japanese marketing achievements, such as being selected as the top brand in domestic survey of major brands held each year, as well as being awarded the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) prize at the 53rd Japan Magazine Advertisement Awards (backed by the METI).  

Nike Japan directly operates nine retail stores and 16 factory outlet stores across the country, with the flagship store located in Harajuku. Through retail, Nike consistently delivers innovative apparel and footwear to its consumers.

Nike Japan’s headquarters sits in Tokyo’s Shinagawa with a beautiful view of the Tokyo Bay that comes alive as the Rainbow Bridge lights up the night.  Converted from a large warehouse, the JMC (Japan Merchandising Center) facilitates interactive communication, both internally for exchanging information between the Sales and Marketing teams and externally for business meetings with customers.

Nike Japan places much importance on work-life balance, and actively hosts sporting events outside of work, including golf competitions to foster employee team building. In addition, Nike offers a gym facility in the headquarters building, where employees can train, as well as a tennis court and playing field at Tomisato CSC.