Our Work

Our partnerships, insights and innovations have helped us create on-the-ground programs that are driving massive impact for girls.


The Nike Foundation is pioneering a new approach to development by creating insights-driven innovations, strategic partnerships and solutions that can be scaled to enable and equip adolescent girls to realize their potential. When a girl in poverty completes secondary school, marries and has her first child later, she helps to create economic growth, political and social stability.

Driving massive resources to adolescent girls. In 2010 we formed Girl Hub, a strategic collaboration with the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID) aimed at transforming the lives of adolescent girls living in poverty by engaging girls themselves as active participants. We work in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Rwanda to create programs for girls, with girls.

Girl Hub delivers results for girls in a variety of ways – family planning, direct assets, resource creation for girls in humanitarian settings, and through research and data disaggregation.

Getting girls on the international development agenda. Ten years ago, girls were widely invisible to the global development community. In 2008, the girl effect launched as a concept to radically change the way policymakers and funders viewed girls’ development issues. Accompanied by a short film that caught the attention of global leaders at the 2009 World Economic Forum, the girl effect has since evolved into a global movement aimed at inspiring and equipping individuals, networks and organizations with the tools and information they need to make the girl effect happen.

From the halls of the World Bank to the stage of the Clinton Global Initiative and beyond, the Nike Foundation has partnered with some of the most respected organizations and leaders in the development community toward a vision: that adolescent girls are embedded in – and integral to – the eradication of global poverty.


The Nike Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Early on in our work, we issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) where we saw gaps in investment, based on what we had learned from our partners and other experts. Frequently these involved seed grants or investments to replicate promising programs. Those prior investments helped us to understand where the greatest opportunities exist for girls.

Our current investments target large-scale systems change that transforms girls’ environments. We work closely with our network of partners and collaborators to identify organizations with the capacity to bring about massive change.