The Nike Foundation leverages the power of insights, innovation and inspiration to stop the cycle of intergenerational poverty. As a company, Nike believes in the power of human potential. At the Nike Foundation, we invest exclusively in what we see as the greatest source of untapped human potential in the world today: adolescent girls. 

In the two minutes it will take for you to read this, 54 girls between the ages of 10 and 18 will give birth. Ninety percent of these girls are child brides. Four of them will die from pregnancy complications.

The reality is harsh, but we don’t see the 250 million girls living in poverty as victims of circumstance – we believe they can play a crucial role in solving the most persistent development problems facing the world today. By investing in girls’ potential, the cycle of poverty can be broken.

When a girl in the developing world is enabled to realize her full potential, she isn't the only one who escapes poverty. She brings her family, community and country with her. 

We call this: the girl effect